I bought a 1966 Mustang that had been newly-imported to the UK from Why Not Classics. I wanted a car in good, solid condition without rust. I had previously seen several potential cars that were good in photographs but when seen close-up were disappointing. However, it was a different story with Why Not Classics. The car was exactly as described, in exceptional condition; certainly no exaggeration here.  David and Alex were very easy to deal with: they were knowledgeable, did not try and pressurize me into anything and let the car do the talking. They organized the legal and practical aspects of making the car to be road legal for the UK efficiently and kept me advised throughout. Based on my experiences, I would not hesitate to recommend Why Not Classics. " 


"Hi Sebastian and Alex,

I just wanted to let you know that the Mustang did the 250 miles miles from London to Scarborough without a single misfire: it was perfect all the way. It was actually a very comfortable ride, which I did at 55-60 mph all the way (given the engine is still running in). I went up the A1, which is a two-lane dual carriageway. The problem I had was getting into the overtaking lane because there was always some car right beside me with its occupants gawping at the Mustang so I couldn't get over. I had a few cars hoot their appreciation, including a corvette that went hurtling past. 

But I am really emailing to say thank you for looking after the Mustang for me and for dealing in such a professional, honest and fair way with me. 


With thanks and best wishes,

Bill "                                                                                                                                                                        Bill, London, UK


Bill came to see our beautiful 1966 Mustang. After a meticulous inspection and a test drive – he couldn’t stop smiling! Enjoy it Bill ! 

If anyone is doubtful about buying from whynotclassic.com please have no fear. I bought a Mustang from Seb and Alex in March this year (2015). It was exactly as mechanically and cosmetically as described and issues (they were very small) we’re sorted out immediately after my inspection. They kept me informed of delivery times and even brought the car to my door!

Thank you guys. Nice job!


David Cooke, UK 



David bought the car and had it shipped from the USA going off of just photos, video and honest description.

Why not,,,,, »WHY NOT CLASSICS » !? J'ai tout suite craqué, quand j'ai vu cette Cadillac Coupe de Ville blanche avec un moteur rare, exceptionnel, et original sur le site WHY NOT CLASSICS,Après le premier contact avec l'équipe de Why not Classics, tout s'est passé très vite. Beaucoup de photos et de vidéos très claires et efficaces m'ont été envoyés et mon rêve s'est réalisé !Ce sont de vrais fans de voiture, qui ne livrent que des informations utiles. Souvent ils envoient des nouvelles, ce qui nous permet de toujours rester au courant et, autre chose de très important, ils répondent rapidement à mes questions !Ils m'ont vendu une voiture excellente, tres belle, surtout au niveau de moteur, chrome et peinture ! Chèrs Alex et Sebastian, Nous étions très surpris de vous voir en personne livrer la Cadillac jusqu'en France ; encore une fois merci beaucoup pour la grande service et les conseils corrects, Franciscus est sur un petit nuage avec son « enfant » Caddy !!!

Franciscus H, La France





Frans had fallen in love with this beautiful '59 Cadillac Coupe. He bought the car and had it shipped from the USA to UK and then to France - going off of just photos, video and honest description.

Classic American Cars, Classic Cars

This amazing 1965 Corvette Stingray was in stock with Why Not Classics. It looked great in photos and I couldn't resist, so I come to London, and after a test drive I had to buy it... and I drove it back home ! The car didn't miss a beat.

Everything worked as it should. Needless to tell you about the numerous thumbs up, horns and photos along the way. 

Thank you guys !





Adrian came to see our ’65 Corvette. We explained the history of the car, the restoration process and took him for a test drive. He purchased the car and drove it to his home in Belgium. 

1969 Plymouth Road Runner


Paul bought the car and had it shipped from the USA to UK going off of just photos, video and honest description. 

The car was a frame off restoration, matching numbers in mint condition. 

Classic American Cars, Classic Cars

Hi Sebastian & Alex

Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the experience in  purchasing the Road Runner.  It's a big step to commit to buying a car  when it is half way around the world, but your process and excellent  communications inspired confidence and you followed through right down to delivery in person.  The car is excellent inside and out and runs  great - every thing that you said it was!  Thanks guys - happy  customer.


Paul, UK


Classic American Cars, Classic Cars

1955 Ford F100


Colin bought the truck at the 2015 London Classic Car Show. 

I was taken with this truck for its absolute beauty but the sense of temptation turned into confidence to buy due to the knowledgable and enthusiastic approach of the Why Not team. My nervousness about  committing a lot of money on a restored and updated truck was eased by their professional but fun style.

I found them straightforward to negotiate with and very reliable on service. That tempting truck was delivered by the team and is now one of my "pride and joy" safely tucked up in my garage. Well done, Why Not!                                                                                 Colin  UK

....after a few months ..... "Evening chaps! Loving it!! Took it out today and will again tomorrow! Makes me smile every time!"

Classic American Cars, Classic Cars

1951 Chevy Pickup 


Len bought the car after he narrowly missed the 1955 Ford F100 (see above). He asked us to find him a cool truck, restored and ready for many years of enjoyment. Here it is Len - ENJOY !

I was anxious purchasing my first classic car online, but the quality and selection of vehicles on Why Not Classic website was too tempting. After many emails, phone calls and meeting Alex I felt reassured that these were the right people to buy a classic american car from. I found many cheaper options online and looked at cheaper cars in the UK, but was always disappointed. I ordered a pickup from Why Not Classics, paying a deposit. Alex and Seb were fantastic throughout the process. They had the car inspected and tested in the USA. I was kept informed by email throughout testing and inspection, feeling as if I was actually there! They constantly sent photos and all the paperwork. The car was then shipped and they gave me details to track the ship online - very exciting to watch. They sent me photos from the docks. On arrival in the UK they had it inspected again. A few flaws were found and they sorted them out without any fuss at all. They even added some extras! Alex personally delivered the car and suffered it's first drive in my hands. What a beast of a truck! Everything they promised, and more! The whole experience was first class. I am now looking for my next car with Seb and Alex. Although you might find cheaper options, I doubt you will find a more high quality personal trustworthy service than Why Not Classics.                                                                              Len  ,  UK

Classic American Cars, Classic Cars

 Very happy with my second purchase from Why Not Classics. Seb & Alex were superb and helpful. Car is fantastic. Highly recommended. Len

“The Toasty Goat”

A true, late 1965 production GTO, documented by PHS, with 389 Tri-Power, 4 speed with Rally gauges.

This car was pulled from a burning garage in western Delaware County many years ago. The original owner had cherished it for over twenty years, making many performance modifications and even changing the exterior color to maroon and the interior to black. The previous owner attempted to purchase it in 2004, but was not successful until early 2008. He then  undertook a 2 year rotisserie restoration on the car, attempting to keep as many original parts as possible.

Restoration was done by Dave Coy and his team of artisans in Muncie, Illinois, adding safety features,

such as power disc brakes and power steering. Unfortunately the drivetrain is not original to the car,

as the original was destroyed in the fire. During deconstruction a switch was found to the left

of the steering column that switched of the tail lights, presumably to avoid detection while evading police pursuit!!

The previous owner won a number of awards with the "Toasty Goat’ in the USA, but sold it due to Parkinson’s Disease. I purchased it in 2015 from Why Not Classics in London and have only done loving modifications to keep it as true to the original as possible. 

Classic American Cars, Classic Cars

This was my first purchase from Why Not Classics, a very well domcumented, pristine restoration and numbers matching. An unbelievble car and investemend sourced by Why Not Classics. Thank you. !


Camil, Romania

You did amazingly to find my perfect car. I had been looking on all the classic car sites for months. This is my 3rd purchase from Why Not Classics  !

Len, UK 

Classic American Cars, Classic Cars

This was a great experience and a very fine example of Chevelle SS. The guys were very easy to deal with. They helped with shipping to my home town. Very happy with this amazing muscle car !

Jhon, UK 

Classic American Cars, Classic Cars
Classic American Cars, Classic Cars

I’ve been looking for a while for the perfect Chevy truck. I wanted something of quality that could also be enjoyed. Once I’ve seen the blue 1957 Chevy at the Why Not Classics I called them and spoke with Alex. He is a very professional young man, helpful and knowledgeable. He even came to pick me up from the station. The truck was like he said over the phone, better than in the photos.

I am delighted  with the truck I love everything about it. There have been a few things  to get used to when its your first LHD but it handles very well and is easy  to drive its a real head turner. the whole experience of dealing with  Why Not Classics  was a pleasure  and one I would recommend to any one.

1957 Chevy stepside big window a real winner.

They arranged for a bed cover and delivered the truck. The rest is history.  

Fred, York, UK

....coming soon  ... Jay, UK 

Classic American Cars, Classic Cars
Classic American Cars, Classic Cars

The car is superb, it drives like a Catheram on steroids  ! Fantastic restoration  ...

Thank you  !                    

      4rth car from W. N. C !                                                                                                                   Len 

Absolutely gorgeous 1959  Cadillac Coupe - restored,  immaculate, delivered and  ready for many years of enjoyment !         Thank you guys ! 

                                                                                                                    Frank, UK 

Classic American Cars, Classic Cars
Classic American Cars, Classic Cars

Absolutely a great 1965 Mustang. 

Healthy engine with a great sound, plenty of power and just delighted every time I take it out !

                                                                                                                    Adrian, UK

Many thanks for the bargain priced Ford Galaxie purchased from you early this summer.

The car runs perfectly for a 1967 classic and has had huge amounts of attention wherever it goes.
Perfectly described and was presented immaculate throughout on collection.

Will look forward to my next purchase from yourselves some time in the near future.


It’s been a wonderful experience owning such a special muscle car.


Many thanks and kind regards 


Pip Bodalia , UK


Ford Galaxie-1-2.jpg

My 3rd car from Why Not Classics ... Why stop now ;) !



Coming soon ... 



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